Honeycomb Shades

Everything you need to know about Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, are the mainstay of window treatments. They offer a wonderful combination of privacy, insulation, and light control for any window. But, are they good for your space?

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Fantastically Insulating

One of the best features of the honeycomb shades is the amount of insulation that they can add to a window. The long, open channels trap air at the window, insulating the room from both the hot summer air and the cold winter winds. The measurement of the resistance of a shade to transfer heat, called the R-value, can increase from 3.5 to 7 simply by adding the most energy efficient cellular shade to a window.

Perfectly Private

Honeycomb shades offer unparalleled privacy. Unless you choose a sheer fabric, you can complete made a window private. You can also choose the versatile top-down/bottom-up feature which allows you to lift the shade from either side, so you can get light streaming into the room above the shade while enjoying the complete privacy of the lower portion of the window.

Masterful Light control

From a semi-opaque fabric to light-blocking opaque fabrics, honeycomb shades offer a variety of light control options. This type of shade blocks out the most light so if you are looking for complete darkness, outside-mounted cellular shades are the best option for a complete black out. This feature makes them perfect for media rooms, children’s rooms, or rooms that require absolute darkness. They can also vanish, stacking behind the valance, giving you a sleek, clean look.

Cordless Safety

Cordless options make the cellular shade the absolute best in terms of child safety. They are great options for spaces where kids frequent, like living rooms, family room,s and kids rooms. They have no lifting cords that children or pets may get tangled in. They also come with vertical options to slide across patio doors with ease.

There are some downsides to honeycomb shades. They often suffer in the appearance category, and they often do not have the most spectacular options when it comes to fabrics.

However, they are fantastic for spaces where harsh light can ruin the experience. They are also not very adjustable, and can either be up to down, and they are not adjustable to allow variable amounts of light through.  Despite their drawbacks, honeycomb shades offer a fantastic option for any space.

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