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7 Kinds of Window Treatments That Will Be Sure to Wow

Window treatments seem like an easy decision, but choosing the right one is more than what fits for your budget. You also have to consider what would be right for the whole room’s aesthetic, how much sunlight you want to let in, and how much privacy you would like to be able to give yourself.

Choosing the best window treatment for your space can be a difficult decision. With so many options, it comes down to what works best for your look and your budget. Today, we’ll take a look at different kinds of window treatment options that are available to you. Each option offers different strengths and aesthetic value, and we’ll also explore a bit about how each is used.

  1. Shutters
    Shutters offer a classic plantation look, giving your space a open airy feel and allowing you to control just how much light and air enters the room. Shutters are a great way to easily regulate light and to protect against bad weather. Often within the shutter frame can be louvers, which can be either fixed or operable. The louvers can allow you to adjust the amount of light that enters the room. Shutter louvers are easy to operate and can be adjusted to almost any angle, increasing their versatility.There are also a few styles of shutters to choose from, depending on whether or not you go with an exterior or interior shutter. Some accordion out, allowing you to open the whole window up, others can slide into position. There is also a wide range of materials to choose from, from real wood to UV resistant polysatin compound, that is guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor, regardless of heat or moisture.
  2. Vertical Blinds
    Vertical blinds are perfect for wide window expanses and sliding glass doors. They can come in either thin slats or with wide panels and are made from a wide variety of materials. Some types of blinds offer a twist on panel track blind that removes the need to twist the panel before folding it closed.You can also get a wide variety of patterns and styles, that can enhance the mood and look of your room. There are even styles that mimic the soft folds of drapery, that move smooth and quiet along the track for a very elegant look. Some even come with a wood grain, and smooth metal finishes or geometric patterns in fabric, vinyl or aluminum. There are even wood vertical blinds that are made from treated genuine hardwood to add warmth and richness to a room.
  3. Horizontal Blinds
    Horizontal blinds are perfect for long windows and are sometimes referred to as Persian or slat blinds. They consist of many horizontal slats that can be rotated to allow light to pass between the slats or be pulled up to clear the window. Horizontal blinds come in a variety of styles guaranteed to match your room’s decor.Some use wood, metal, or vinyl, with paints and stains to create nearly magical effects. You can even have your blinds match your other furniture in the room, from cabinets to dining room tables. Some common wood species used in blinds include basswood, and a new wood: abachi. Wood grains offer a great warm surface texture and add depth to the window. You can also get alternative wood blinds with realistic grain patterns built to withstand heat and humidity.
  4. Roller Screen Shades
    Roller screen shades offer a clean, classic look for any room in your home. They combine the ease and simplicity of roller shades with hundreds of fabric choices, from more opaque to more translucent. These are a great way to add a pop of color to a room or to enhance an already beautiful window.Roller screen shades offer the unique strength of allowing you to choose how translucent the material is. These are great for windows that get a lot of sunlight, but you still want to have some light come through. Roller screen shades offer an innovative alternative to woven woods and solar screens.
  5. Woven Woods
    Woven woods offer a warm, natural look to any space. They are often made from reeds, grasses, and woods to create a fantastic and durable window treatment. They can be a captivating design element for any room and can be quite opaque to very transparent. They are great for spaces that receive a lot of sunlight, or spaces you want to help feel more natural, comfortable, or less clinical. Often woven wood treatments come with a variety of woods and materials that are purposely designed with distinctive light filtering fabrics.
  6. Vignette Roman Shades
    Vignette Roman Shades offer a clean look with beautiful soft folds. Roman shades are different from other window shades because they stack up evenly when being opened, but when they are open, they are visibly smooth. Roman shades can be made with a variety of materials and fabrics. They come with no exposed rear cords and have consistent folds. They also have a verticle or horizontal orientation. Some even come in cotton, silk, or linen, and can be customized with a number of options, with taps, trims, and complementary valences. Some even have light-filtering and room-darkening options. Roman shades are perfect for a classic, beautiful look guaranteed to draw the eye with their style and presentation.
  7. Honeycomb Shades
    Honeycomb shades offer a great energy-efficient design that comes with small cells that help to block or filter light and insulate windows to help save energy. The cells trap air inside and create a barrier between the window surface and the room. This helps in hot or cold seasons, by preventing heal to be lost or gained from the outside. They can also provide a blackout for sleeping, and are generally raised and lowered with a string, or can be cordless.They come with unique and sumptuous fabrics that bring stunning practicality to any room, some even have a triple-cell construction and come with a variety of bold, modern colors and patterns, from orange to blue to every color in between. Add character and efficiency to your space with honeycomb shades.

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