Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds Buying Guide

Getting a room completely dark can sometimes be a hassle. Knowing what blackout blinds do and what kind of window treatment works best for you is the first step in getting a room that can block out unwanted light night and day. At Custom Blind & Carpet, Inc., Studio City and Tarzana’s number one stop for window treatments and carpets, we have a variety of options that can work wonders for your space.

Blinds and Fabrics

Some room darkening shades offer more benefits than others, whole every option offers some measure of light control. The two key factors in determining how much light control a treatment has, consider the fabric type and color. Sheer fabrics often soften and filter the sunlight, while semi-opaque and opaque almost completely block it. These fabrics darken the room but do not entirely eliminate light.

So, what does blackout mean?

Blackout fabrics are when you want to block out as much natural light as possible, look for window treatments with maximum light-blocking qualities that are uniquely designed to minimize light gaps. You can also try the Duette Lightlock® System which features light control technology that absorbs light and prevents it from entering the room.

Another option is to use a liner to block light, which are available on many of the window shades. Liners can be sown directly into the face of fabric or they may operate independently. Roller shades combine a sleek look and the awesome ability to create just the right amount of light  and privacy while minimizing glare. While you have options that range from semi-opaque to opaque, blackout roller shades give you complete darkness at any time of day.

For true versatility, the Silhouette Duolite® is two shades in one, so you get a benefit of traditional Silhouette shading and an independently operated room-darkening roller shade nestled behind it. This can be positioned at any height for increased light control and privacy.

Or you can consider the Vignette Duolite®, which combines a light-filtering or sheet front shade with room darkening back panel that both roll on a single roller. It gives you the best of both worlds: soft, natural light, and soothing darkness.

You can also go beyond just filtering out light and with a honeycomb shade design actually add a layer of insulation. This insulation translates to a savings in energy and can even reduce outside noise.

What’s even better is that many of our shades come in a cordless option, so that you can have a safe choice for your children or pets. Automated shades allow you to position the share right where you want them at any time you want.

Come visit us in our Tarzana or Studio City locations to find the perfect options for you and your space.

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