Luxury Vinyl Planks

What are Luxury Vinyl Planks?

Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) are the hottest new type of flooring on the market. These waterproof wood-look flooring options are a fantastic way to have the sumptuous look and feel of hardwood floors without the high cost, costly repairs, and potential for horrible water damage. LVP can come with a variety of installation methods from a click together system to a peel and stick glue down. Each option offers an easy and labor-light alternative to the long and arduous process of installing hardwood floors.

In this article, we will explore what you should consider before buying luxury vinyl planks, what you may need to install them, and some benefits of Luxury Vinyl Planks.

What to consider before buying?

Unlike laminate flooring, which requires a underlayment before installation, LVP can be laid directly on top of the subfloor surface. This means that you have to consider the state of the subfloor before you install the luxury vinyl planks.

Be sure the subfloor is in good condition, is free of damage, smooth and level, and clean and dust free. Follow these recommendations and you’ll get your luxury vinyl planks installed in no time.

However, some concrete floors may require an underlayment because it can add some cushion to the floor so it is softer to walk on, it can also provide an extra moisture barrier to reduce the risk of excess moisture. And it can help keep the floor warm in cold months.

Wood subfloors may need an underlayment for comfort or for sound reflection, but that consideration varies greatly depending on the space, the walls and the LVP used.

Also, be sure to consider which kind of installation system before buying luxury vinyl plank flooring. Click lock luxury vinyl flooring uses a locking system that is thinner than traditional laminate flooring. This can impact the kind of underlayment you use, as a foam underlayment may affect the strength of the locks. Using a vapor barrier underlayment under the luxury vinyl planks can help wick away moisture without affecting the integrity of the floor. There are a number of vinyl specific underlayments on the market, so you’ll be sure to get the right kind for your installation.

Glue down luxury laminate flooring will not require an underlayment, as they are designed specifically for direct installation. Be sure that you keep the installation area free of debris and level so you can have a smooth and even floor.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl planks come with a whole host of benefits. They are one-hundred percent moisture resistant. You no longer have to worry about whether or not your hardwood floors will be able to resist spilled drinks, wet feet, or dripping coats fresh from out of the rain. Consider using LVP in spaces like kitchens, basements, bathrooms, or anywhere else where water might be an issue.

They also can be used on practically any subfloor and have an extremely easy do-it-yourself installation. They are low maintenance and very easy to clean, so that you can spend more time enjoying the beauty of your floors and now worried about how long it will take you to clean them. They are anti-static so no more worries about the static build up and uncomfortable surprise shocks.

Their rigid construction and commercial-grade wear layer give them the strength they need to last a long time. However, they can be punctured by very sharp objects and they may dent if heavy objects are placed on top of them. They are perfect for high-traffic areas of the home that receive a lot of repeated abuse from people’s feet.

They come in a variety of colors and decor options, from natural looks, like wood or stone, to more whimsical and modern looks. By buying multiple textures or colors you can create unique floor designs that are sure to amaze and astound.

Luxury vinyl planks are a perfect option for any budget, offering simplicity, durability, and a beautiful look without the massive price tag more traditional flooring options demand. In your next project, between balancing all the elements in a room, consider luxury vinyl planks for flooring, you may be surprised at just how beautiful and affordable luxury vinyl planks can be.

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